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(actually it's 15 deals but that feels less festive? ANYWAY --) 

The Logistics:
2-4 deals posted every day through Dec. 9!
Last day to place an order with guaranteed Christmas delivery is Dec. 10. 
Some deals have limited stock - check listings for details!
I will be doing Brooklyn delivery on Dec. 23-24 if you're the most last-minute present-buyer in the five boroughs. Delivery is limited to Brooklyn!!
I'll also be at the Brooklyn Flea in Dumbo on 12/12 and 12/19 if you want to schedule a pick up!
All deals will be listed below for the duration of the sale. 

Happy shopping and happy gifting!!!

-Beka, Owner & Maker

1. Special Edition Venice Keychains!
       **These ARE eligible for the B2G1 deal**

2. Buy 2, Get 1 Free Keychains!! Any combination - lowest priced keychain will be free.
3. Special Edition Wallets in Emerald: Essex, Osborne, Orosi & Stanton.
4. Special Edition Wallets in Midnight: Ludlow, Bleecker, Osborne, Orosi, & Stanton. 
5. Large Hudson Valet Tray + Venice Keychain for $60 (save $12!).
6. Medium Hudson Valet Tray + Thompson Keychain for $42! (save $12!).
       **Can't combine tray + keychain deal with keychain B2G1, and Marbled Venices are not eligible for combo deal**
7. Buy 3 wallets, get 25% off!!!! <<< this is very good for bulk Christmas shopping -- monogram them all, for personalized gifts. 
8. Large Hudson Valet Trays in Emerald and Cherry. 
       **Not eligible for Tray & Keychain Bundles in deals 5 & 6**
9. Redingtons and Palmettos are 25% off. (!!!!)
10. Special Edition Baxter Clutch in Emerald.
11. DIY Wallet Kit - a new product - and on sale for holiday!
12. Special Edition Palmetto in Emerald.
       **Not eligible for 25% off in deal 9**
13. Special Edition Redington in Emerald.
       **Not eligible for 25% off in deal 9**
14. Special Edition Blackbird in Emerald.
15. Special Edition Spyglass Backpack in Emerald. 

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