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 first, some housekeeping:

you will recognize part of this new body of work. we switched tanneries earlier this year, so everything has been re-released in the new leathers. the full collection is now available in all five colors, and i re-sampled over 100 pieces to adequately communicate the new versions of our old offerings. 

many of the older pieces have been updated - the palmetto has a reinforced base, the bleecker bifold has new curves, the thompson is cut from sturdier leather & has a stronger snap. the redington now has a magnetic snap! 

heads up: the bigger bags and a few other new items will be making their entrance later this year. good work takes time, as seen with this first installment. if you need something in the interim, reach out, and we’ll make it happen. 


artist’s statement

this collection is proof of life. and it is so much bigger than the goods. i am just a vessel for these pieces, and these words, and all the other things that come out of an artist. i just wanted to tell you that i survived being in the weeds, and i migrated beyond the plateau that we sometimes settle into before we face our fears. i bother to tell you this because a lot of people also have brains that are hard to live within, and it was seeing others navigate it that gave me the courage to do it myself. after a long, shitty dry spell of misery and doom, i have emerged and i am different. and kinder to myself and those around me. to be alive is so weird. nothing is permanent. nothing is permanent! it can and will get better. you can be afraid and do it anyway, whatever it is.

it is a miracle this collection exists. i almost closed louise goods more times than i can count between 2020 and today. to sit here and tell you i have fallen back in love with my craft after positively loathing it (i think i can admit that now) is beyond me. i have more to say on the topic, and i’m gonna write more about it when time allows. but damn, +1 for asking for help. 

this collection is dedicated to my friends, comrades, and chosen family. dom, cass, shay, leah, kev, tt, amy & rachel, luke, polly, joh, rob, brandi, daquan, my flea family, and so many others. to every single queer person, art kid, outcast, and neurodivergent soul who has held space and hands, paved the road, and stood in the gap for each other. 

i am here because of you, and this is for you. 

beck (they/them)
july 21, 2023