person hammers logo into leather
photo credit: Fabian Palencia
The Name
My middle name is Louise! I was working on a collaboration with some friends and realized I had to come up with a name to put on the tag going inside the bag – and it fit perfectly. I've been Louise Goods ever since.
The Collections
The House Collection is a luxury collection of wallets, bags, and fobs. The bags all maintain the same square construction, designed literally from the bottom of the bag up. Everything in the House Collection is made to order and all wallets and luggage tags are able to be monogrammed! Please allow 1-2 weeks on all made to order items -- everything is 100% handmade and handsewn!!
The Variety Collection is currently comprised of samples, one offs, and styles available in limited quantities. Most of the wallets and small goods listed are in stock, and will ship out within 48 hours of ordering. Please allow 1-2 weeks for all bag shipments!!
Currently, everything listed is handsewn. My intention with this collection was to be able to do a bit more experimenting and limited runs, while exploring different types of leathers, so there is very little cohesion to the collection -- which is how it got the name Variety.
The Rosewood Collection is the newest batch of staples to be added to Louise Goods!
Natural: W&C unglazed vegetable tanned carving leather
Chestnut, Olive, & Black: W&C glazed veg-tanned harness leather
Walnut: Thoroughbred veg-tanned bridle leather
As seen in the key fobs: 
Cherry, Emerald, & Cerulean: Italian Buttero
Wine: Horween Dublin
All are US-sourced leathers, with the exception of the Butteros. 
These pieces are entirely handsewn and hand-burnished!
Process & Materials
Everything I make is designed, cut, channeled, punched, riveted, sewn, and burnished by hand in my studio, currently located in Lemoore, CA, USA. Wallets take 2-6 hours to make, and bags can take 6-20 hours. Because of the handmade quality of my work, there will be minor imperfections – I may be strong, but I'm not a machine! My humanity gives me character, which translates to the work I do with leather.
The House collection is cut from American-made vegetable tanned & English Bridle leather, sourced directly from Wickett & Craig, a US tannery specializing in vegetable-tanned leathers. All of the hides are by-products of the meat-packing industry, and no cows were killed only for their skin.
The Variety Collection is comprised of leathers from all over the world, but the majority are American-made veg tanned harness leathers. 
Everything is sewn by hand with waxed thread, as has been the tradition of leatherworkers for centuries. The stitches made while handsewing hold up extremely well at stress points and lend themselves to quicker repairs: when a handsewn stitch pops, you only lose the stitch in question, unlike machine sewn stitches, which tend to unravel several stitches. Right now I'm doing all burnishing by hand while I explore some new techniques that elevate the longevity and quality of the edges.
If you want more info on leather, check out the Blog and Leather Care sections. I'm working on posting some how-tos and process shots. If you have any questions about leatherwork, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!
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