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Smith's Leather Balm


I'd been searching for a leather conditioner to offer to my customers for ages, and have tried out several different brands with hopes of carrying them on my site. I really love Smith's Leather Balm -- first, they use three natural ingredients (organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, and pure almond oil). This means you can apply it with your fingers, skipping the need for a rag. Second, it smells so nice when you open the tin -- and dries odorless. Third, because there's beeswax in there, it provides a sliiight shine that encourages the natural patina that is drawn out of a veg tanned leather.

I tested this balm on a weekender I made a few years back and am really pleased at how it soaked up the conditioner -- it's noticeable. Doesn't feel dry again after a day or two -- it feels conditioned and healthy. 

As a small business owner, I love supporting other small businesses. I'm thrilled to be carrying Smith's Leather Balm -- a product I use regularly both in my studio and on my own personal leather goods. A little goes a long way! As always -- do a patch test before slathering your whole bag/wallet/belt. 

For more info on Smith's, head over here

1 oz tin

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