Woman wearing trench coat crossing city intersection with black leather tote on arm

Left: Detail of woman holding cardholder in front of torso, wearing striped button down shirt and belt; Right: Man sitting on edge of fire escape wearing brown tote between his legsLeft: Double exposure photograph of two people sitting on rock with tote; Right top: man sitting on small brick wall with backpack leaning on his leg; Bottom right: Person has wallet and keychain held against their leg, wearing floral print pantsTop right: Person removing credit card from wallet; Top right: two men side by side, one holds a backpack with back facing camera; Bottom: Three stylish people sitting at a cafe in New YorkLeft: Double exposure photograph of man and woman striking poses; Right: Woman wears small backpack sitting on rockLeft: Three people having a conversation on a cobblestone street, all wearing leather bags and backpacks; Top right: Two people frame a doorway at the stop of some stairs; Bottom right: Man sits on park bench with backpackWoman wearing backpack walks towards two people standing in front of a brick wallLeft: Man wears backpack in a park and stares up at the sun; Center: Man wears backpack in front of some ivy and looks back at camera; Right: Woman stands in park carrying toteTwo men embrace tightly; the man with his back to the camera wears a backpack