Louise Goods

Stanton Cardholder: Light Olive


**This product is available with a raw edge finish only and is not eligible for monogramming.

3 x 4 1/4"

The Stanton is a classic. It’s small enough to throw in a clutch or front/back pocket, but has 5 pockets, which lends itself to a nice amount of organization - no shuffling through cards to find the right one. It's a little bigger than the Ludlow and has a slimmer profile than the Essex. A great go-to for gifts, as it stands in that middle ground but still holds a lot. A lot of folks use these as secondary wallets to their primary bifold, so when they need a smaller option (especially for a night out in a suit) they can switch to this guy!

How many cards fit in the Stanton Cardholder?

Easily 8-10, plus cash in the center pocket. 

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