LOUISE began a few years back in a gritty loft in Brooklyn, when I started playing with leather, making wallets and bags and dog collars. I fell in love with leather and that was it. Since then I’ve been making things, some of them half-decent, some of them good, all of them learning experiences, all of them from my soul. Honing this craft is an ongoing process and the process is my favorite part.

The Name

My middle name is Louise! I was working on a collaboration with some friends and realized I had to come up with a name to put on the tag going inside the bag – and it fit perfectly. I've been LOUISE ever since.

Process & Materials

Everything I make is designed, cut, channeled, punched, riveted, sewn, and burnished by hand in my studio, currently located in Lemoore, CA, USA. Wallets take 2-6 hours to make, and bags can take 6-15 hours. Because of the handmade quality of my work, there will be minor imperfections – I may be strong, but I'm not a machine! My humanity gives me character, which translates to the work I do with leather.

The house collection is cut from American-made veg-tan & English Bridle leather, sourced directly from a US tannery specializing in vegetable-tanned leathers. All of the hides are by-products of the meat-packing industry, and no cows were killed only for their skin. Everything is sewn by hand with waxed thread, as has been the tradition of leatherworkers for centuries. The stitches made while handsewing are much stronger than the stitches done on a sewing machine. All of the rivets are hand-set and all of my work is cut by hand. I do use a dremel to expedite burnishing on the bridle leather, otherwise I'd be burnishing in my sleep. 

If you want more info on leather, check out the Blog and Leather Care sections. I'm working on posting some how-tos and process shots. If you have any questions about leatherwork, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!



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