012 1" Belt, Natural & Brass


012 1" Belt, Natural & Brass


sizes 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40

The 1” belt is a great trouser belt -- our take on a classic!

Also, we recently redesigned it to have a removable buckle so you can add your own. It comes with two Chicago screws - all you need is a flathead screwdriver (or a dime) and you'll be able to swap out buckles whenever you want. 

**If you think you might be between sizes, please order a size up -- the thickness of the belts cause them to run small! Also, if you don't see your size listed, send us an note here and we'll make it happen! 

American-made veg-tanned leather, 8-10oz
Tiger thread
Solid brass roller buckle
Removable solid brass Chicago screws

No electricity was used in the making of this product: all the leather is cut, punched, burnished and stitched by hand. It is conditioned ahead of time with our very own Dubbin recipe so you can wear it right away.

This leather will benefit from a yearly oiling – neatsfoot, mink, or olive oil will all get the job done. Heads up – the natural leather in this belt will turn a deep shade of brown over time. Watching the patina develop is a journey. Enjoy it!

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