Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Wanted to gather up some of my favorite things I've seen some of my favorite brands/makers release lately. All of these pieces were made in the USA - all brands I've loved over the years! And some I've even had the good fortune of getting to know personally! 

Being a small maker out here in rural, central CA is quiet but the community of the internet makes up for the silence. Support small, American-made and owned brands this holiday season! 

Initial Lookbook Thoughts

This is one of my favorite images from the lookbook. I want to write a longer post about the lookbook and the process that went into it, because by the time it was completely developed I was in the process of wrapping up my time in NY (more details to follow!) and taking care of the logistics of moving across the country. I never really posted about the lookbook when I launched it on my website and while I have a lot of plans for it re: marketing beyond social media, I have only recently begun sharing photos from it.

Building the lookbook was a project that went beyond my own hands -- it required a team to execute properly. since moving and going full time with LOUISE I am finally able to focus on some things I've wanted to do for a long time, like building an online journal of the details of leatherworking and posting details of some projects I have currently in development. I'll write more on this later, but wanted to get some initial thoughts out on the subject so I don't forget to come back to it!

-beka, owner & maker


As a maker, when I structure my pricing, I am considering both a wholesale and retail market, which puts the wallets at a reasonable price for a completely handmade good, but inflates the bag prices to be quite high. I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of artist and business owner I want to be, and the type of work I want to offer, and I have decided to remove all the bags from the wholesale line up in order to drop prices to be more accessible.

You can now get any of the six bags offered in the house collection for prices I’ve never been able to offer previously. The bags are on a 2-4 day turn around at the moment, so if you place an order, it ships extremely quickly for a 100% handmade bag — the bags, as always, are made to order. If you’re searching for a holiday gift for a loved one or, ahem, yourself — take a look at my newest offerings by clicking the SHOP link up top! Thank you for your support! 🤘🏼

-Beka, Owner & Maker

Black Friday Sale 2016


"On Thanksgiving Week, Native Americans Are Being Tear-Gassed in North Dakota." 

This was a headline on the Huffington Post yesterday. I am donating 10% of this weekend's sales to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, which is the unified camp of Water Protectors dedicated to protecting land and water against the Dakota Access Pipeline. On their website, you can find press releases that document some of the violent incidents that have happened during their peaceful protests. It's now winter and they are in need of supplies -- they need all of our support. 

You can learn more about them and find other ways to support them here:

I wish you and your family and friends a warm, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope you find time to reflect on the things we all have to be grateful for.

To show my gratitude to you as customers, I am offering 25% off of all items online -- enjoy, and thank you for your continued support!

How It's Made - 004 Un Peu

I thought it would be cool to show the process behind making a wallet. 
So: here we have 59 minutes of making a wallet, compressed to under 3 minutes!

In my studio, the work is done by hand, by a human...not really any machines at use here. It can be tedious but is's a process that deserves to be seen. The same wallet in a different color has a slightly different process, because of how the edges get finished -- there are lots of little tweaks to accommodate their differences. 

This is the 004 Un Peu in Natural veg tanned leather -- how it's made, shot on a GoPro. 



Black Friday & Co.


Hi Friends,

I hope you're reading this with a full belly....I'm definitely writing to you with one (it's a few minutes past midnight in the wee hours of Friday and I'm really feeling the three full plates I ate earlier). I spent the last two days in New Jersey, stuffing my face and relaxing before the chaos that is December. Thanksgiving was legit this year and I'm feeling pretty grateful to have had two whole days off. It's been a crazy year and we have a lot brewing for 2015!

In other news: Today is Black Friday, which means that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and around the corner is Cyber Monday. We're knocking 30% off ALL ORDERS with code GRATEFUL through Dec. 2 (Tuesday) at 11:59pm EST! Also -- the Mast Bros. bags will be available for a short time -- get 'em while they're here, because we're running low, and this is the final batch! 

This is the time of year when we buy gifts for the people we love, which means that we have an opportunity to support a variety of markets right now. We ask that you put some thought into who where you're shopping. Support your local businesses, small businesses, artists, and American-made brands! We need the love -- we can't exist without you. 

I'm grateful for my family, my amazing friends who have held me up throughout this insane year, and for leather. What are you grateful for?




Today marks the release of ASH, the latest collection we've done at Louise Goods. This is my favorite we've released so far -- we're using an oil tan leather from a great American tannery that focuses on producing exclusively veg-tanned leathers and it's so silky! Retains great shape -- but is really smooth to the touch. I've worked with oil tanned leather before but this beats out all of that. It's so rich and I really love it.

We're going to be posting some how-tos and behind the scenes process shots pretty soon on the blog -- follow us on tumblr (@louisegoods) or Facebook or Twitter for updates!

Excited to show you what we've got!