ASH was conceived to encompass the staples of leather goods – totes, backpacks, messengers, wallets. It is a statement of refined simplicity, designed with function at its core. Who said your everyday bag can’t be beautiful? We want you to enjoy walking out the door in the morning, excited for people to see the bag on your arm.

There’s a passion behind these pieces. As makers, we spent months pouring over designs and leathers and hardware samples trying to find the best matches to make the richest pieces for you. We sketched, sampled, edited, and re-sampled, working late nights and early mornings to develop something we are so proud to share with you. The leather we used to make ASH holds a beautiful shape, and will retain a beautiful patina over the years – your grandkids will fight over these pieces.

Everything in this collection is made by hand in our Brooklyn studio. We love the art of leatherwork, and we’re so excited to share our passion with you.